Patch Note February 26, 2022

The new skins are now available for everyone in Mulrok Skin Shop!
There are still a few issues with the new models, specifically with shadows, that will be addressed in the incoming days. You can still pick up the appearance you prefer, and once a fix will be pushed, it will be applied to your character automatically!

Benzor sewers have been completely reworked. New quests, enemies and secrets are waiting for you there! I won't tell anything more here, it will be all for you to discover.

  • Elder Air Elemental set to Large (back from Huge). All other elementals are Large, makes sense for this one to be Large too.
  • Adjusted Pure Shifter Demonflesh golem DEX statistic (a typo set it too high than expected, and also compared to the total amount of stats of the golem shapes, which were matching with each other, but Demonflesh wasn't)
  • Added the chance to add SR for NPCs up to 60. Soon you will need that Epic Spell Penetration feat in some cases!
  • Reworked placeable-spawn-creature system to not use HB script (lighter to CPU now)
  • Test area skins will now equip a weapon by default, to show you how the creature will show an equipped weapon
For balance reasons, I have set Trident, Quarterstaff and Dire Mace to not be finessable by any creature size. This might change in the future, once additional rebalance will be added to weapons.

  • Finally fixed instances not being cleared properly
  • Fixed creatures with custom HPs spawning injured
  • Fixed being able to pickpocket while doing other action requiring concentration