Patch Note February 2, 2020

Hi guys, the recent features I have added over the last month have been criticized and disputed by many. I have received tons of private complains, and many wrote their disappointment on public Discord channels too.

I understand now that the “lottery” for the vengeful Power-UP system, the Bound system for old OP items and the chance to destroy/damage end game items during the Power-UP was not really what you guys wanted. Also, consequently, it ended up unbalancing the end game environment, thing that I did not expect.

I tried in many ways to rebalance the broken green items over the last months without success. My biggest mistake was adding that system without giving it its proper restrictions in the first place.

With the last patch, I tried to give the new vengeful upgrade its last chance, but it took me just a few hours to understand that it was way too expensive for you and way too unbalancing for the whole environment to maintain.

Due to this, I come today with a major rebalancing patch.

I know that this change wont be appreciated by some, mostly from those who got to upgrade their items to an high level, but I can’t make everyone happy and I have to think for the good of the entire server, and what this will give us in the long run.

Take your time to read this entirely and give yourself some time to test these changes too.

Down here the detailed list of changes.


REMOVED Socketable Green upgrade system:

  • Maximum slots for ANY green item (both weapons and gear), is 6. Green Gloves have 7 slots. That’s the only item with more than 6 slots (if you have one already, ping me for the update, that’s the only item not having an automatic replace system).
  • Maximum AC, AB, Enhancement bonus on green items: +6
  • Maximum Regen bonus on green items: +4
  • It is not possible to upgrade a Green item at the Shrine of Vengeful power anymore.
  • All Green Vengeful items will be restored to their original vengeful state. All the properties in surplus will be removed AND you will receive ALL the gems back!
  • IF you have upgraded an item at the forge, you will also receive ALL the gold spent back! (if you used XP, you will receive gold instead)
  • IF you have damaged your items at the forge, you will also receive the gold spent for that upgrade back!


Nordock Items Rebalance:

Vengeful Nordock gear can’t have its AB or AC raised over +6, existing vengeful items will be rerolled.

Nordock set bonus will increase Attack Bonus and AC of the gear over 6


Vengeful Upgrade System:

For those items that can be dropped, they still have a change to be dropped as vengeful.

You can still upgrade BOTH Green and Nordock items into the Vengeful items at the Shrine of Vengeful Power, but instead of using XP or Gold, you will have to provide TWO identical items, the shrine will “melt” them together, creating a Vengeful version. (Read shrine description for more details).


DE-SOCKET Anvil Adjust:

The de-socket anvil will GIVE you BACK ALL the GEMS of the properties removed!



Fixed Horses purchasable without paying

Fixed weapon master set bonus not fully working

It is now possible to purchase Boss Tokens and Epic Tokens with XP in Castle Gledario. 


This change will fill your inventory with many gems and items replacement at first login! Double Check for items on the ground, there will be a big chance for you to automatically drop something due to full inventory!

All the items stored inside the persistent chest will be checked at its first opening. Remember to check on the ground for any dropped items too!