Patch Note December 27, 2019

This patch brings in MANY changes and new features. Take you time to read it and to check website for better details.
I will also be available to explain anything unclear.

ALL the existing dungeons have been fully checked and partially reworked:

- Party leader portal option into dungeons has been disabled.
- Dungeons parties will have to gather from outside the dungeon, and then enter all together.
- IF a player dies inside the dungeon, he MUST be raised from someone inside that dungeon to get back.

- Each character can do the same dungeon once each 12 hours.
- When you first enter a dungeon (and IF that dungeon if off from Global CD, see below), your character gets automatically saved into that dungeon.
- You still have 5 minutes for exiting and re-entering the dungeon, before being fully locked in.
REMEMBER: if after 5 minutes you are outside the dungeon, you won't be able to get back in for the next 12 hours, even if you haven't done the dungeon at all.
- If you try to enter the same dungeon before the 12 hours CD, you won't be allowed to.
- This CD is applied to each player entering the dungeon.
- A player will still be allowed to enter the dungeon until the first Mini Boss is killed. After that, the dungeon will go into Global Cooldown, and no one will be allowed inside it until the Global Cooldown ends.

Dungeon now have a global cooldown reduced from before:
- 2H for any normal DUNGEON.
- 3H for any RAID (PoR, Moore, BD).
This values will be adjusted over time.

This is NOT a dungeon istancing feature yet, so there will be some balance required to find a good timing until istancing becomes real later in 2020.

- Added many missing Mini Bosses to all dungeons.
- Mini Bosses WON'T spawn if you haven't killed them in the correct order. Boss will spawn only if all the Mini Bosses have been killed.
- Increased base tokens drop to ALL dungeon/raids. Depending on the dungeon, the token drop increase is from 80% to even 110/120% (See economy rebalance below).
- Added 1 Boss Loot chest to each raid
- Balm Ress Without Corpse is DISABLED from inside dungeons!
- ALL Boss and MiniBosses creatures AC heavily reduced (from 5 to even more than 10 in some cases)
- RAID Boss and Raid MiniBosses creatures AB and damage slightly increased

I have been working on a custom system of mechanics for boss fight.
Mechanics are applied to all Dungeons final Bosses and most RAID Mini Bosses and all RAID final bosses.

- Solo dungeons will have only a part of the mechanics.
- Raids will have the full mechanics system working.
(I won't list the mechanics here.. check them out!)

This system will be amplified with many more mechanics in the future. This is just the beginning!


GREEN Items Update:
Increased Maximum for:
Enhancement: MAX +8, UP from +7
Attack Bonus: MAX +8, UP from +7
Vampiric Regen: MAX +8, UP from +7
AC Bonus: MAX +8, UP from +7
Regen: MAX +5 x Item, down from +6

GREEN weapons: reduced total sockets to 6, down from 8.
GREEN gear: reduced total sockets to 8, down from 10.

Already existing full or near full socketed gear with more than 8 slots for gear and 6 for weapons will immediately BIND to the player owning them, making it impossible to trade or sell the items.

You can UNBOUND these items in the de-socket anvil, by removing 2 properties from them. To be able to transfer them to the forge, use your player want on the item and set it as transferable. NOTE: You can transfer it with that forge only! Won't work with anything else!

NORDOCK Items Update:
Many nordock items and weapons have been rebalanced. Your already existing nordock items will be automatically updated with the new stats. See here for details.


Each item that can be dropped from a dead creature OR that can be looted from a chest has a small percentage to be VENGEFUL.

A vengeful item will have one property improved by a percentage, or can have a completely new property.

Nordock Gear (purchased with tokens), can be upgraded to VENGEFUL by spending the same cost of the item in Boss Tokens to a Forge of Vengeful Power in castle gledario (see below)

Green Gear can become Vengeful from loot ONLY. A Vengeful green item won't have any property updated (since they are looted empty), BUT, they can be upgraded at the Shrine of Vengeful Power for XP or Gold (See below).

Vengeful items will provide an higher set bonus! They can also be mixed up together (even if not from the same "set"), to create an Vengeful basic item set bonus.

Unique Creatures will have DOUBLE chances to drop vengeful items.


Power Up Nordock Gear:
Only gear items can be upgraded (NO weapons! since weapons are from loot, weapons will have their own percentage to be looted as Vengeful with no tokens or power up required)
To update one Nordock item, simply put in into the forge, and follow the conversation. (Boss Tokens required, same cost as basic item purchase cost. (See Economy Rebalance below).

Power Up Green Gear:
Only a VENGEFUL Green Item can be powered up. You can't power up a NOT Vengeful Green item.

Each power up costs XP or Gold. IF successful, the power up will add a +1 slot to the weapon, up to +6 slots (CAREFUL!! this is a special power up system with increasing breaking risks at each step! Read on Website CAREFULLY. (Description available also on the shrine itself.)

Boss Tokens Cost: 2kk gold EACH (DOWN from 5kk gold)
Epic Tokens Cost: 200k gold EAC (DOWN from 500k gold)

- Tokens exchange ratio NOT changed.
- Alignment shift gold cost NOT changed.
- Tokens looted from dungeons HEAVILY increased (see above)
- Nordock Scrap rewarded Tokens increased (4 for weapons, 2 for items)

Nordock Gear COST increased:
- 5 for gear like Rings, Boots etc. (up from 3)
- 8 for gear like Armors, Shields, etc (from from 5)

Subraces COST increased:
- See here for the full details, costs have been increased by 40/50% to balance the economy changes.

A full rework of subraces will come later during 2020.

A completely new written Items Set System.
Item set bonus will VARY based on the most important class in a character build (Major Class)

I.E. a character with 26 Cleric - 4 bard - 10 RRD, will have CLERIC selected as its Major Class for retrieving set bonuses.

These bonus will also vary based on Gear Set (If Nordock or If Nordock Full Vengeful - if Green or if Green Full Vengeful - if a mix of Vengeful items)

Pure classes (like i.e. a LVL 20 full Fighter (with no other classes), or a LVL 40 full Barbarian), will have an increased version of the bonuses applied from the equipped items set. A reward for pure builds.

These bonus can be seen in detail here
NOTE: These bonus will have to be adjusted after a first period of feedback and statistics

Both caster and target can have some modifiers to the checks (Hit check AND Grapple check):

Caster: if the caster has taken some Spell Focus: Evocation feats, he gets a +2 for each Spell Focus Level (+2 Base Talent, +4 Greater, +6 Epic) to both checks.

Target: if the target has Discipline points, he has +1 to the check each 6 points in Discipline. (discipline / 6), max bonus +6 (Only for the Grapple check, not for the Hit check)

Interposing Hand: If the target fails the Hit Check, -10 to AB is applied, if instead he passes the check, only -5 AB is applied.

Clenched Fist: Added Caster and Target modifiers to Stun DC check.

With this patch, some (not all), Crit Immune creatures (and players), will be subject to Sneak Attacks.
This feature is currently being tested and observed. More to come.

- Updated TEST area Boss Dummies
- Plane of Rage first area FULL rework
- Removed Chaos Shield from premium subraces (now obtainable from set bonus only, see above)
- Spell Restore Potion: It doesn't fully debuff the caster anymore, but it won't restore Epic Spells. Only rest will restore Epic Spells.
- Improved a couple of spell scripts
- Disabled Characters Classes from Players list
- Updated PVP Rules
- Added correct items for Traps Crafting
- Slightly adjusted creatures saves
- Slightly adjusted Unlock DCs and Disarm Trap DCs
- Added Recall Portal in Gateway
- Added Castle Gledario Portal in Gateway
- Probably many other minor things i am not recalling lol

DELAYED UPDATES (To early 2020):
- Dread Castle rework
- Fury Fortress rework
- A new mysterious island
These new areas will be released later when fully ready, i don't want to release a partially ready content now.

As for any big patch, there might be some bugs here and there.
If you find a bug, you MUST report it to me ASAP.

Check the website for more info