Patch Note December 23, 2021

  • Minor Globe of Invulnerability: absorbs spells up to lvl 3 or 4 if caster level >= 30
  • Globe of Invulnerability: absorbs spells up to lvl 4 or 5 if caster level >= 30
  • Earthquake: hit dice changed from d6 to d8
  • Divine Might/Shield: Cast time reduced to 1/3 than original
  • Replaced crafting material icons from loot, now matching new icons introduced with last patch
  • Adjusted weather system to exclude desert areas
  • ATS items generation push (old items not matching will have their statistics replaced with current ones)
  • Adjusted Trommel Woods spawns location
  • Fixed pre-buff system not working properly (NPCs only)
  • Adjusted Grimgorge dungeon (removed chaos shield from most creatures, but not all)
  • Added new abilities reload mechanics for NPCs (the new Santa Boss will give you an example)
  • Added 10 stacks of craftable potions/scrolls to most magic shops, and adjusted the scripts to work accordingly. 
  • From now on, if you target a craftable potion/scroll with a spell, if this potion/scroll is in a stack, the WHOLE stack will be enchanted (and you will be charged for the costs for each item in the stack).
  • If you want to enchant 1 potion/scroll only, split it in a separate item with 1 item stack only, and then enchant it.
Santa has finally come to Nordock!
But.. there is something wrong, his soul got corrupted and dominated by Orcus itself!
Now he is roaming our lands without releasing his presents to anyone but to the bad guys! :(
You must stop him and his minions from keeping all the presents!
  • This patch introduces 3 Corrupted Santa Claus World Boss Tiers (one for lvl range 15-25, one for 25-35, one for 35-40+)
  • Keep an eye open on our Discord #events channel! 
  • Sweet presents are on the way!

I wish you all, your families and everyone else you care about a very good and happy Xmas!