Patch Note December 19, 2021

  • Unpolymorphing or Polymorphing with very low HPs won't kill you anymore under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed Grimgorge final boss not dropping the appropriate loot
  • Fixed an issue with the speal-when-approach system for quests
  • Updated Mulrok Village (arena entrance)
  • Updated Mulrok xMass Arena
  • Fixed Boss resizing when going into rage mode (Valdamir)
  • Fixed Cleric set bonus granting taunt and not concentration on Cloak
  • Fixed Expeditious Retreat acting improperly when used with monk levels
Added 4th Dynamite tier (Dynamite - Silver Wired):
  • This dynamite can take down ANY ore veins in the world, even the strongest ones like Adamantium, Mithril, etc.
Entirely reworked crafting material in-game icons:
  • Icons for ingots, ores, clothes, flowers, dyes, pelts, gems have been completely reworked to help players with the multitude of materials required by the crafting system.
  • Mulrok Arena has been renamed in Rhonnie's Mulrok Arena.
  • Rhonnie is an incredible NWN builder, who brought to us some real artistic jewels like the xMass Arena and the Deadly Mines dungeon.
  • Due to personal issues he is not able to work with us anymore, so we felt like to give him some well deserved recognition. 
  • PS: A more advanced arena restyle is planned in the future, to better fit Rhonnie's artistic design and ideas into a better landscape.