Patch Note December 15, 2020

  • Reworked the system which was merging properties (everything should be applied properly now)
  • Unlocked ALL Polymorph Spells and special Polymorph Ability (All shapes merge equipped items)
  • Fixed Spell Slots being removed at each polymorph
  • Fixed Spell Slots being removed at death/relog
  • Fixed Item properties not being reloaded on character if the character died while polymorphed
  • Fixed Merged properties being lost on save/relog/death/etc.
(Why PT1? Because each single polymorph base stat will get reworked too, as well with the decision to have AC stack from items (up to +20), and so having Monk WIS AC not being merged anymore.. more to come!)

Note: It is not possible to load the personal vault while polymorphed, nor it is to shift while the vault is out (simply to spare some CPU load, polymorph mechanics are heavy)

All about shifting can be found here.

Tenser Transformation:
  • Since ALL polymorph now merge all the items, scaling properties on this transformation have been adjusted. Check Spells Changes for more info.
Heal, Mass Heal:
  • When casted on undead creatures, they always deal half of target life as damage.
  • When casted on non-undead creatures, it always deal half of target life as damage.
  • Adjusted Diviner, Fighter, Arcanist Item Set Bonus.
  • Prestige Classes now have the "precedence" over normal classes in case of level equity (i.e., 20 Bard, 20 Pale Master - Pale Master is taken as Major Class)
  • Prestige Classes can now be all pure with 30 levels
  • Changed Appearance
  • Adjusted Conversation
  • Store won't be opened automatically on first character login anymore
  • The merchant will great any new character, inviting them to talk with him
  • Added Nordock Combat Robe
  • TEST characters are now sent directly to the Test Area, without passing through the Gateway of Nordock
  • Adjusted PVP Tool options: removed No-range option
  • Fixed Party Check returning GOOD even if the party was BAD
  • Fixed Blind effect not being removed when the rest is canceled
  • Fixed Brosna Inn sharing same tag with Assaulted Island Inn
  • Fixed Traps in POR and DM not being removable
  • Adjusted and improved several other functions