Patch Note December 14, 2022

Undead player races received a complete rework.
  • The main feature of the new undeads is critical immunity(!). This is a strong buff, that comes with a cost of lower ability score modifiers, less physical/cold/electric immunities and additional vulnerabilities.
  • Undeads are no longer light sensitive and don't burn outside during daytime (except for vampires).
  • Undead PCs don't receive debuffs during daytime (the nighttime buffs have been lowered).
  • The polymorph system have been reworked for undeads as well. Since they are unnatural creatures that defy the laws of nature, their shapeshifting abilities are weaker, than those of living creatures.
  • When undead creatures try to polymorph, most transformations do not complete fully, resulting in horrible undead abominations, that have lower ability scores than "normal" variants and retain all the undead immunities and vulnerabilities (with the exception of golem shapes). Some of the druid companions and Wizard/Sorcerer familiars of undead characters/creatures suffer the same fate, turning into horrible rotting beasts.
  • Healing spells damage and Dungeon Boss AOE damage, have been adjusted to be less harmful against undeads (mostly by converting damage type from Positive to Divine, for which undeads are less vulnerable).
  • Undead races cannot take levels in Paladin or Red Dragon Disciple classes. Existing characters with such a setup will have their XP set to 1, all the XP they had will be automatically stored on their account XP vault, which can be used by any other character from that account. You can still log those characters in to save your items, and finally delete them! If the race was a premium race, all tokens have been automatically refunded!
To finish:
  • The new undead races stats can be found on website.
  • The new undead races polymorph shapes statistics can be found on website.
  • NOTE: since we don't have the men power to test everything on our own (and also since we don't have any kind of magic wand), expect some statistics to be adjusted on the fly, once we see how these new changes perform in-game.
The following changes have been made, mostly, to make Negative damage more useful overall, and also to support and balance the newest Undead races rework.
  • Eternal Undeath's Foe: duration reduced to Rounds from Turns (2 rounds each caster level), Negative damage immunity reduced to 50%
  • Negative Energy Protection: Negative damage immunity reduced to 50%
  • Shadow Shield: Negative Immunity reduced to 50%
  • Champion of Torm has been renamed into Divine Champion. The reason of this change is the future deities rework, it feels better to untie the class from any specific deity.
  • Improved Arena PVP System (mostly, support for PVP events)
  • Added training dummies to Rhonnie's Mulrok Arena
  • Due to GOG on Linux, reduced Linux version requirement to .33 (down from .34)
  • Added more checks to avoid Northern Templar pillar to be damaged by ally spells
  • Books of summons now also supports Elemental Swam, which will always spawn the selected elemental first.
  • Added confirmation before deleting a stored spell book template on Player Menu.
  • Fixed ON_CLIENT_ENTER_BEFORE script not triggering properly for the very first client connect
  • Fixed chance to load mounts while inside of the character customization menu
  • Fixed cloudkill persistent damage being based on a d10 instead of a d6