Patch Note December 14, 2021

This patch is more a summary of past week adjustments and fixes, plus a few last minute additions!

  • Fixed appearances scaling not being applied properly. The appearance system has been reworked entirely, and is not applying the proper scaling for each appearance type.
  • Some appearances sizes have been adjusted.
  • Completely reworked spells-on-weapon targeting system. Now casting spells that affect a weapon is much easier, you can either target the weapon directly, or a creature, and the weapon will be retrieved automatically.
  • Various Fixes in West Benzor
  • Fixed Stun Aura Targeting
  • Fixed Wererat size (now small by default)
  • Fixed Undersea Boss door not working properly
  • Fixed traps in test area not reloading properly
  • Fixed Barbarian Rage stacking with itself
  • Fixed some races skin/hair colors
  • Fixed several spells not working properly after spells rework
  • Fixed several quests not working properly
  • Fixed Orc race not receiving Exotic Proficiency at lvl 1
  • Fixed several chests spawning loot with no CD
  • Fixed final boss XP boost not working properly
  • Fixed several typos
  • Reworked dummies in test area
  • Probably more but i forgot something for sure :)

  • POR adjustment: completely reviewed POR raid, many creatures have been adjusted in terms of statistics, races, voice sets, appearances, etc.
  • Paladin Holy Sword: reworked, it won't apply Holy Avenger property anymore, but instead, if the possessor of the weapon is a Paladin, it applies an On-Hit Dispel effect, with DC scaling with the paladin level. If the spell targets a non-paladin, only the enhancement and damage VS evil will be applied4
  • Gnomish Dynamite: It is now possible to craft via tinkering Dynamite devices to ease the removal of unwanted ores. There are 3 tiers of dynamite, each one removing a specific range of ores. Check the crafting guide for more details.