Patch Note December 12, 2019

I forgot to post previous 2 patch notes. I will include them in today's note:

Patch Note 12/12/2019

- Meat Carving Option: You can now enable/disable the automatic Meat Carving from skinned animals (during skinning). Disabled by default.
- Fixed a bug inside the LFR tool that was looping unnecessary text
- Improved the new Player Corpse system
- Skinning animals is now faster
- Solved an issue that wasn't allowing you to skin animals or mine rocks if you log out during the skinning/mining

QoL Change:
- No Ress penalty at level 1, also no Soul Fragment. (back from lvl 2)
- Improved starting gold at level 1
- Improved Donation Pillar texts

- Solved Firefox issue!
- Added recent changes

Patch Note 09/12/2019

- Socketable Ammo and Throwing Weapons: UNDROPPABLE by default.
To trade them with other players or with your vault chest, use your player wand on the item, and set it as transferable.
NOTE: If you try to trade it in any other way, via exploit or else, you will LOSE the item. No refund.
- Improved henchmen auto equip function (its still unable to recognize items with class restrictions or alignment restrictions.)
- Improved event system (getting ready for some Christmas event!)

Patch Note 01/12/2019

- Spell Restore Potion: Clerics and Druids can use it from level 21, not only at 40 as before
- Updated the deletion of items left on the ground and solved a bug that was deleting the item even when picked up from someone
- Improved special Boss effects during Boss fights (less performance impacting)
- Disable Trap Spell: disable traps with DC less than 20 ONLY! Will make any trap within 30 meters visible from caster and its party
- Added Dire Mace +5 to Test Area +5 Merchant
- Added Nordock Craft Swift Ring to Test Area Nordock Merchant
- Addes Nordock Craft Quarterstaff to Loot Table and Test Area Nordock Merchant
- Added Assassin class (at least 1 level), as alternative prerequisite to disable traps with DC over 20 (in addition of the Rogue prerequisite already existing).
- Added trapped and locked chests in test area for training and tests (NOTE: Disarm Traps DCs and Open Locks are currently being tested and might change in future patches!!)
- Added Thieves Tools to +5 Merchant in Test area.
- Resolved a very old bug with Subrace System (first step for the rework!)
- Adjusted Moore Room Structure and fight mechanism
- Adjusted some level 40 casters
- Adjusted 1 Black Deep MiniBoss abilities and loot (improved)


- Updated Home Page ADOH world map:
- Updated Spells Changes page:
- Added Beginner's Guide: