Patch Note April 8, 2023

Modified how and when the Spells Resistance check happens.
From now, any hostile spell part of a class spell book will trigger the spell resistance check. 
The spell resistance check includes several checks inside of it:
  • Spell shield absorption check (spell mantle check)
  • Spell immunity check (immunity to specific spell, immunity to spell school)
  • At last, the spell resistance check itself (if the first 2 checks have failed). 
While some spells are meant to NOT check for the last part (the very spell resistance check), they are still spells and thus should be subject to the spell absorption and spell immunity check.

Introduced an anti monke- anti cun- anti SPAM system for the NEED button on the loot NUI window.
  • It won't be possible to spam NEED on every item at will.
  • From now on, the NEED button can be used only once each 120 seconds.
If this change is good or not we will find out, don't stress me!

Modified the "One Time Reroll" feature. Now called "Complete Character Reroll", everyone that hasn't used it yet will have 1 use per account. The amount of uses can be increased in specific occasions/events (like drops for donors).

  • Added "Mighty" to Purple Short Bow.
  • Slightly reduced power of Boss AOE mechanic in RAIDS
  • Added Plague Demon Horn to Plague Land mini boss.
  • Fixed Skin Tokens loot table dropping Epic Tokens.
  • Fixed some creatures not re-equipping a weapon when disarmed.
  • Fixed tons of issues since last big patch.