Patch Note April 3, 2022


  • Fixed UNI buffs not being applied to summons
  • Fixed Ruby Golem issues
  • Reworked pixies appearances shadows issues
  • Fixed some pirates shadows issues
  • Fixed some pirates missing VFX over head slot
  • Adjusted UTD check to avoid double checks
  • Fixed typo on Test Area Orb of Summons.
  • Fixed some beetles not giving XP when killed
  • Adjusted Cloud Kill spell damage dice (d6 now instead of d10)
  • Added new scaling logic for damage immunity item property (applied when the vengeful property is applied to an item. Old items with previous scaling will be adjusted in a future rebalance patch coming soon)
  • Limited NPC HelfFire aura max dices to 40 (same as for players version of the aura)
  • Added a pedestal from epic zone(Castle Glendario) back to Tower of Power for QOL. It's possible to go back and forth between those areas now, so all steps on character creation/edition are linked
  • Added a few more appearances (NPCs only for now)
  • Improved UNI System, now temp HPs are added to the total HPs, and not as temporary anymore. Also adjusted and improved UNI system code