Patch Note April 29, 2022

  • Rebalanced most end game creatures damage (reduced mostly magical and physical damage).
  • Rebalanced most end game creature properties (resistances and immunities).
  • Reduced most end game creatures damage from Hellfire Aura.
  • Removed Sneak Attack from dungeons/raids exploders.
  • Added a sneak immunity ring to some mobs and mini boss.
  • Changed some dungeons/raids mobs appearances (started using new appearances).
Added 3 PVP arenas into the TEST area. These arenas are free for anyone, and can be accessed at will. Each arena is "different" in terms of obstacles and coverage. 
  • Arena 1 is completely empty, and is just a field where to fight.
  • Arena 2 has some obstacles.
  • Arena 3 has several obstacles.
  • You can now PVP against other players inside the PVP areas ONLY (you won't be able to PVP outside of these arena, even if it is still the TEST area).
  • You won't be able to attack or set hostile against another player outside of the PVP arenas.
  • Once you get in a PVP arena, the system will automatically set you hostile against any other player in that area.
  • When you leave an arena, you will be set as Friendly against any other player.
  • Revised the Events systems we previously had, merged and improved them all into a single system, easy and secure to use by our great QMs! 
  • With these tools some cool and advanced events are now possible, lets see what comes out!
  • Damage resistance for normal damages has a new cap of 35/-
  • Damage resistance for exotic damages has a new cap of 10/- (magic, divine, positive)
  • Existing end-game and Vengeful items will be rebalanced to match these values
  • Damage immunity property now scales by 5% at each step, removing the issue of having to apply very high bonus since by default in vanilla the scaling was going from 25% to 50% to 75% etc.
  • Max Damage resistance on Socketable items is now 10/-.
  • Max Spells Resistance on Socketable items is now 42.
The Items Set System needed a rebalance in terms of Damage Immunities. This was also needed to allow us to scale for more end-game and future HC dungeons and legendary items.
  • In the past we could not change the scaling of such immunities (they were going from 25% to 50%, we can now scale them 5% per time)
  • Max Immunity % from set bonus is now 25% (stacks with any other source of damage immunity from items or effects)
Adjusted several race immunities/vulnerabilities values to better match new scaling logic, while trying to make some unused race interesting (I.E. now Undead has less issues when dealing with fire damages).
  • Check Races on website for more info.
  • Race auras can now be deactivated by pressing the aura spell button again.
  • Race auras are now disabled while shifting into another shape (thus changing your race)
  • Most base classes have been adjusted to make them viable as PURE (40 levels in that class).
  • Check Classes on website for all the changes that have been made!
  • When taking a quest that required you to kill one or "n" NPCs, those NPCs, when spawned, will have a marker over their head, to help you understand what are the NPCs you need to kill (can be disabled via Player Wand if not wanted)
  • Reworked the use/equip check so now you will see the "red" background while highlighting an item, if it will result unable to be equipped or used.
  • Also restored the "unable to equip" vanilla sound, when trying to equip an item that cannot be equipped.
  • Added by default dozens of new portraits and sounds.
  • These portraits can be selected during character creation, or in-game with the crafting menu.
  • New sounds are available during character creation.
  • Fixed AOE system not killing an AOE object when the creator dies, or disconnects.
  • Fixed silence spell, when used against a single target enemy, was missing some effects part of the spell.
  • Fixed ILR checks popping annoying "lost item" feedbacks for items with stacks, now using another system to workaround that.
  • Fixed flame weapon and Dark fire damage scaling.
  • Fixed an issue with Wings entry on database, allowing to withdraw a Wings without having the value deduced.
  • Fixed a Verdicite Ring giving Fire immunity instead of Acid.
  • Fixed door tag in Bloodwood crypt conflicting with another door, thus not allowing the door to open with the lever.
  • Fixed being able to buff an out of range player weapon by placing it on the ground.
  • Fixed item properties on weapons being removed when shifting.
  • Fixed Unique System for summons not working properly.
  • Not directly something players can notice, but we have completely reworked the debug system, allowing us to have far more simpler and detailed logs.
  • Newbie Merchant now faces new comers when welcoming them.
  • Adjusted OnSpawn of NPCs to not fire more than once specific parts not necessary more than once.
  • Monk gloves can now socket Enhancement, Massive Crits and Keen gems.
  • Other monk gloves in the module rebalanced to get Enhancement as well.
  • Updated NWN Plugins to latest versions
  • Reduced Turn Undead fear effect from 1 Round x Level + 5, to a flat value of 5 Rounds.
  • Updated ALL elemental summons special abilities
  • Removed True Sight property from Shapechange dragon (will only be available to Druids and Shifters)
  • Fast Cast Rod now works with Cleric Domains spells.
  • Characters marked to be reworked (from last Races Rework), can now see other options when talking to the XP Tower NPCs (instead of being allowed to select the "wipe and store XP" option).
  • Replaced Socket Gems VFX (the old one was annoying)