Patch Note 6 February, 2023

Added a cost in Boss Tokens whenever a new property is added to a Socketable Item.
  • Adding a new property that item didn't already have in that specific interaction will cost you 2 Boss Tokens for each property.
  • If you just removed that property and want add it again in the same window interaction (without closing the socketing window), it won't cost you anything.
  • Removing a property will not cost anything.
This change was introduced for several reasons:
  • With next big patch incoming, the world tokens economy will change (mostly for endgame), and this is a first change in that direction (more to come).
  • While using only one set of items for all the characters in an account seems ok, it reduces the demand for new end game items from that player, which will impact negatively the economy for such end game items in the long run.
  • This is also a first approach to the tokens economy re-balance, where we aim at reducing tokens inflation in the game overall. 
Also, some more improvements to the socketing system:
  • Added a search bar for filtering out different types of gems and gems that are on your item.
  • Enhanced the socketing code for greater safety, in the event of a server crash.
  • Potential fix for a division/by/zero error that occurs when players hide their window size via setting.
  • Added stacks of 10 potions (bless, aid), to main temples.
  • Several improvements to DMs events system.
  • Adjusted traps in Tobaro Library to fire only while on that specific quest.
  • God's Eye Scout levels now count towards DC modifiers for set bonus OnHit properties.
  • Notifying when more spells effects end on characters.
  • Added some low level discipline and concentration items to default temples.