Patch Note 15 January, 2023

FIRST PATCH OF 2023! A small one to begin with, but a much much bigger awaits not too far away!

You can now decide to use Circle Kick feat like a combat stance, by enabling and disabling its effects whenever you want to. The function is available on your radial menu, where other combat stances are!

  • Re-enabled default Mulrok Arena
  • Converted 99 uses for racial feats to unlimited uses (no number will appear)
  • More buffs will be notified when expiring (Elemental Shield, Acid Shield, Death Armor, Rallying Cry, Oath of Wrath)
  • Removed Turn Undead from summoned mummies
  • Allowed socketing of Vampiric Regeneration gems on green gloves
  • Adjusted Pixie Race SR, 50 at level 40 (down from 55)
  • Adjusted some Undead polymorph shape stats, rebalanced since their introduction
  • Added missing creature weapons to some summoned shadows
  • Fixed Nocturnae Underground door not opening
  • Fixed several cases where spells could not be cast after introduction of new GetCanCastSpell function
  • Fixed AOE OnExit event not removing the AOE effect if the creator of the AOE was dead while inside of the AOE object
  • Fixed food options not showing on player menu
  • Fixed system storing locations (for death corpses), in the wrong way. NOTE: This was fixed 16/12/2022, any player who died prior this date will have its corpse not created due to this fix)
  • Fixed Undeath Eternal Foe duration (now lasts properly)