ADOH Races & Spells Rework - Public Beta Release

Here we are! (finally i'd say!), with the public beta release!

What is this public beta release about? 
Well, for those of who don't know about this project yet, we have been working towards a lot of things, additions and improvements, here is a short list:
  • New Races System
  • Spells and Active Feats Rework
  • New Race Areas
  • Adjustments
  • Fixes
All beta patch note details can be found HERE
A still-to-do list can be found here

Beta Bug Bounty Program:
As we used to do for the closed Alpha phase, we are still rewarding players who find bugs on this Beta phase too.

If you think you have found a but and want to report it, head to THIS spreadsheet. 
First, check if the bug hasn't been reported already (still active issues are listed as "Under Review"). If you can't find that bug anywhere, then post it:
  • For each bug you want to list, add you in-game account AND a very detailed description of the bug.
  • An Admin will review each entries and will confirm if the bug report is approved, and how much BTs that is worth rewarding.
  • Each bug can be worth 1 BT for low priority bugs, 5BTs for medium priority bugs, 10BTs for high priority bugs or 10+ Bts (decided on the run), for game breaking bugs or heavy exploit cases.
  • At the end of the test phases, the total amount of BTs earned by each tester will be airdropped to your accounts!
Note that multiple entries of the same bug won't make you eligible of multiple airdrops, as well as if a bug about a function that affects multiple functions is found, the reward will be given only once. Also consider that these rules might change on the fly based on results and your feedbacks!

Alpha Bounty Rewards:
For all those who took part at the Alpha phase, we have a surprise for you:
  • If you reported at least 1 validated bug: 100BTs will be airdropped to your account once the stable release will be live
  • If you reported at least 10 validated bugs: 200BTs will be airdropped to your account once the stable release will be live
  • If you reported more than 10 validated bugs: 300BTs will be airdropped to your account once the stable release will be live
  • If you reported 1+ issues that haven't been validated as bugs, no worries, you will still be airdropped with 50BTs once the stable release will be live!
Also, you all are going to receive the unique item: *Ring of the Supporter*,  once the stable release will be live!

Note: Normal rewards for the Alpha phase are not definitive, i will go through each validated issue and adjust its importance, thus its BTs value may differ.

Beta realm data:
  • In-game test realm: "A Dawn of Heroes - BETA" - available on Servers list.
  • No password.