ADOH - Races & Spells Rework - Official Release

We are FINALLY releasing the long waited rework for Races & Spells!

I can't really express how happy I am to be able to finally release this, it took so much time, but i am sure you will like what we have done! (and a lot more will come soon!)

But lets don't waste any more time.. here is the patch note:

  • Fixed Shield not triggering in-combat equip CD
  • Fixed Extra-Ranged/Melee-Damage item property gem stacking on itself depleting socket slots
  • Fixed Item merging during Polymorph counting saves up to 20. Now capped at 12 due to a bug in the base game (meh)
  • Fixed bag rename colour being always red
  • Fixed a bug in test area which was allowing users to interact with the player wand conversation
  • Fixed a bug with LFP and LFR allowing players to run queries while possessing a familiar
  • Fixed a transition for Old Brosna Crypt missing
  • Fixed Lore negative values allowing auto-id on any kind of items
  • Fixed some creatures polymorphing with Polymorph Self even if they don't have any spell slots assigned with that spell
  • Fixed typo in Flesh To Stone description
  • Fixed a bug in the AI that was allowing to fire creatures from very far without having them react
  • Fixed Mulrock Persistent store not reducing/increasing amount for some items (due to this bug, a full store wipe has been performed)
  • Merchants now reset items in their stores each 8 hours (down from 12)
  • Removed Invisibility Purge from PM end game summons
  • Powered up PM end game summons
  • Removed Tenser Form from from Sangrolu
  • Removed Tenser Form from Valdamir's Abominations
  • Creatures Reflex Saves slightly increased
  • Adjusted Galdor and Nurvureem CR
  • Slightly nerfed RDD stats at lvl 20 and 30
  • Slightly nerfed Dragon Shape for druids
  • Resting in arena or test area won't be instant anymore, but instead it will only takes a couple of seconds
  • Removed Chaulssin Temple bindstone (exists already on City Core)
  • Now any feat about Unharmed Strike will also affect Creature Weapons (thus, shapes!)
  • Slightly nerfed Colossal Dragon summon (lesser stats, no dev crit)
  • Buffed base and pure shifter shapes overall
  • Added melee weapons to Balor and Fire Giant shapes from Shapechange spell
  • Slightly increased ILR for crafting gear
  • Changed how we store player status. As a consequence, if you were dead before the update, you are now alive!
  • Added a few more sanity checks on merchants system
  • Deleting a character now also deletes its bindstone
  • Replaced 2nd creature from Create Undead which couldn't be managed (summons a vampire now)
  • Bindstone flag has been reworked (existing binds are removed and must be recreated)
  • Introduced a new respawn system for NPCs not coming from encounters (like city guards)
  • Replaced old Vial of Blood with new inflict/harm potions
  • Added heal/harm potions, blank scroll, bone wand and magical potion bottle to test area (test characters won't require GP nor XP to use such feats)
  • Added a few checks to prevent the begin of level-up while: disabled, dying, polymorphed
  • Added retreat portal to Kabu Minotaurs Cave
  • Saves cannot fail if you roll 1 anymore.
  • Adjusted all item sets, spells and feats on-hit DCs (they can now reach high DCs, up to 44, based on major level class and pure class flag)
Completely reworked the XP system. The old one wasn't making sense in many occasions. This one grants a more logic and linear approach in the leveling experience.
  • The XP that is possible to keep when you level up before actually making the level up is now dynamic: "(character levels + 1) * 1000".
  • XP: 5% boost if the character is pure and the class is also the race favored class
  • +10% if the above and the race is premium
Solo XP has been reduced by 10%
Duo XP has been increased by 10%
XP will scale as follows based on the number of members in the party:
  • solo: 100%
  • duo: 70%
  • trio: 70%
  • quad: 75%
  • penta: 80%
  • esa: 85%
  • Reworked Humanoids areas (Assaulted Island areas), entirely (reworked main areas, added more areas, added quests, etc)
  • Reworked Undead Race areas entirely (reworked main areas, added more areas, added quests, etc)
  • Reworked icy wastes areas (added encounters, quests)
  • Partially reworked Duergar areas (added quests, removed unused objects)
  • Reworked Gateway to Nordock
  • Reworked XP Tower in Mulrok
  • Reworked Castle Glendario
  • When blind, a creature SPOT skill goes to 20% if it has Blind Fight. 40% if it is a boss creature, zero otherwise.
  • If the creature has True Sight is unaffected.
  • Pickpocket conversation is now private!
  • All base game traps have been reworked.
  • All traps default CDs have been adjusted and aligned to our world.
  • Many traps damage dices have been adjusted too (pay attention to traps now!!!!)
  • Players can now recover their own placed traps, and other traps in the world (not boss traps though).
  • Players can now kill mobs and other players (only if hostile), with their traps, and receive XP as if the kill happened in any other way
  • If you die from a traps placed by an hostile player, you will see who the killer is.
  • If a player places a trap and then disconnects, that trap won't fire until he/her logs back in.
Completely reworked ALL Neverwinter Nights spells, abilities and active feats system.
Instead of having hundreds (around 750/800), separate scripts and libraries VERY badly written, i wrapped it all in something like 4 major libraries and around a total of 15k lines of code.
This allowed to me to apply some major and interesting changes on how spells are checked and applied.

Changes to spells, abilities and active feats can be found HERE.


  • When you create a new character you will able to see any available races during character creation, the SubRace field won't be required anymore, and it will be wiped if something will be found on it at your first login.
  • These new races come with PERMANENT abilities stats and attached feats.
  • Some races can have some temporary buffs, triggered during day time or night time, as well as temporary debuffs during day time or night time. Some races might have these buffs and debuffs based on the area in which they are in (i.e. Azer gets buffs while underground, and debuffs while outdoor)
  • Some races might be sensitive to light and so suffer some blindness and other penalties, while other races might suffer from the dark of caverns and low light places in the same way.
  • Undead races will suffer even more on daylight, taking constant damage while they stay outdoor during day time. The longer they stay under the sun and the higher the risk for them to start burning for even more damage taken.
  • Spells like darkness can give some breath from daylight sensibility, as well as light sources can avoid dark sensitive races from taking penalties while in underground areas.
  • New races will be directly bound to a base game race.
  • I.E., Vampire will result as Undeads when checked as target for specific spells or on-hit abilities. Celestial I.E. will result as Outsider, Goblin as Humanod Goblinoid etc.
  • Special races will have some special abilities to use.
  • I.E. Illithid will have a dimensional door, Celestial and Vampire will have the Fly ability, etc.
  • Special races will have some permanent effects applied on them.
  • The effects type and values are based on the race itself.
  • I.E. Goblin will have its movement speed permanently increased by 5% (based on default movement speed)
  • During character creation, IF your race requires a specific class you must meet that class requirement for the race to work, otherwise the character race will be wiped at first login.
  • NOTE: some races might even accept more than 1 class as starting class.
  • Every time your character shifts alignment, for one reason or another, IF you stop meeting your subrace requirements, your character won't benefit from temporary race bonus and won't be able to use race abilities anymore until the alignment is restored (i.e., no more day/night/area buffs/debuffs)
  • Temporary buffs and debuffs day time/area based will still be a thing but with a few changes: buffs and debuffs will scale with character level without ECL (hit dices).
  • So if a race grants +5 AC during day, that bonus will be +1 at character level 1, +2 at character level 8 up to +5 at character level 32.
With the introduction of these new races, we thought it was a good idea to adjust a little how purchasable skins are handled.Previously, you could purchase any skin of any size, regardless of your original size, which was creating some very.. strange combos (like a Pixie subraced character purchasing a Balor skin).
We think that brings a lot of downside to overall game immersion, and wanted to make something about it, while still leaving all those cool skins available.
  • From now on, you will be able to purchase a skin only in a size range of +1/-1 from your original size.
  • I.E. if a character with Pixie race (small size), goes to the skin shop, it will be allowed to purchase only a Tiny (-1), Small (+-0), or Medium (+1) skin, not a Large or Huge.
  • At your first login in the new patch, your subrace will be stripped, and its cost in tokens (if any), is automatically refunded.
  • You will be able to roam free as long as you want with that character (a journal entry will remember you that your character has no more a subrace).
  • When ready (if ever), you can go to the XP Tower in Mulrok Village, and a special option will appear for your character allowing you to store up to 780k XP from that character (the exceeding amount will be refunded in Boss Token, at a very good exchange ratio of 1BT each 20k XP).
  • That XP will be available for any other character you will take there.
  • Also, there is no 50% deposit fee for this option (any XP DEBT accumulated will be ignored too). At the moment the XP is deposited.
  • If any custom skin is found, that amount is refunded as well. 
  • If any gold is still found on the character, that will be moved to the Account Gold Bank.
  • If your character had the Rune of Golden Wings item (from the main quest), coming back with another character from the same NPC will have an option to withdraw it. (if you delete "n" characters with the wings rune, you will be able to withdraw the Rune from "n" different characters that don't have the rune yet).
  • Be sure you have saved any valuable item in vault , because this function will also DELETE your character permanently. Any other character in the same condition that you will bring to the XP Tower will increase your account wide XP amount.
  • When you withdraw XP with a character, its personal XP vault is taken first, then if depleted, your account wide XP vault will be used.
IMPORTANT Note about old characters with a subrace AND with crafting skills:
if you want to keep crafting skills from a character with an old subrace, you MUST make sure to create a new character with the SAME NAME as the previous one. In that case all crafting skills will be available.

Available races and their details can be found HERE

About Alpha & Beta supporters:
Your helps has been ESSENTIAL for us to be able to deliver the most bug free, stable and balanced game we coud. I cannot be happier with all the support and tests we have received from the community!
  • All BETA supporters who got at least 1 but report validated as bug will receive additional 50BTs as reward!
  • All the others who took part at the BETA without having bugs validated will receive 10BTs as reward.
Check HERE for the full list of participants to all phases, and the amount of tokens accumulated!
NOTE: These tokens will be rewarded AFTER patch release, and after i have seen that the situation is stable and safe (so, i hope that will be very soon!).

Thanks to all of you for the support give, and for the patience!