Autofill Bag System

You can use your Player Wand to activate the Autofill function on loot. You can disable it at anytime.
  • Only bags that have been renamed with the Player Wand will be used by the system (use the player wand to any bag to rename it. Changing text colour is not mandatory).
  • If, when you loot the item, the first bag for that item found is already full, another one will be searched, and if is found and it's not full, the item will be put in there. In the case you loot an item but all your bags for that item are already full, nothing is moved and you receive a warning.
So far, you can rename bags with the following names (each bag allows that/those specific item/s to Auto Fill in there on loot):
  • Ammunitions Bag: will store any kind of ammunitions.
  • Armors Bag: will store Armors (any kind), and Helmets.
  • Clothings Bag: will store Cloaks and Boots.
  • Hands and Belt Bag: will store Bracers, Gloves and Belts.
  • Jewelries Bag: will store Rings and Amulets.
  • Keys Bag: will store Keys.
  • Melee Weps Bag: will store ANY Melee Weapon.
  • Mining Bag: will store mined Ores, Gems and Logs.
  • Potions Bag: will store Potions and Blak Potions (for Brew Potions).
  • Ranged Weps Bag: will store ANY Ranged Weapon.
  • Scrolls Bag: will store Scrolls and Blank Scrolls (for Scribe Scrolls).
  • Shields Bag: will store ANY Shield.
  • Special Gems Bag: will store ANY Special Gem (for socketable items).
  • Wands Bag: will store Wands and Blank Wands (for Craft Wand).