Custom Item Level Required System (ILR)

A Dawn of Heroes uses a custom Item Level Required (ILR) system.

A character total level is calculated by:
  • Character total level + Race ECL (if any).
Normal Gear 
Dropped from creatures with CR 1 to CR 40):
  • ILR Based on Item Value (same as calculated in the Vanilla ILR), details here.
ATS Crafting Gear:
Craftable Items can ONLY be crafted, and won't be dropped by any creature or can't be found into any chest in the world.
  • ILR based on Item Value, as above, but only the 2/3 will be considered (which means that these items will have a lower ILR than a normal item of the same value).
Nordock Craft Items:
All Nordock Craft Items can be equipped from character level 30+.

Socketable Items:
Socketable Items ILR is based on the number of sockets occupied on the item, as described below:
  • Level required - 1 if empty
  • Level required - 15 with 1 socket
  • Level required - 20 with 2 sockets
  • Level required - 25 with 3 sockets
  • Level required - 30 with 4 sockets
  • Level required - 35 with 5 sockets
  • Level required - 40 with 6+ sockets
Sequencer Robes:
Sequencer Robes ILR is based on the number of spells the can store, as described below:
  • 1 Spell: Level required - 10
  • 2 Spells: Level required - 20
  • 3 Spells: Level required - 30
Spell Scrolls:
  • Spell Scrolls ILR is the minimum level required to cast that spell from a class that can cast it.
  • The ILR number will appear in RED if you don't meet the minimum ILR, ORANGE if you meet the ILR but will need UMD to use it, or GREEN if you meet the ILR and won't need UMD to use it.
  • You will need UMD to use scrolls if you don't have a class in your build that could cast the spell of the scroll already. 
  • In example, to use a Shapechange Scroll you will need be at least level 17 AND will also need to have at least 17 levels in a class that has Shapechange into its spells book (like Wizard, Druid or Sorcerer)