Custom Item Level Required System (ILR)

A Dawn of Heroes uses a custom Item Level Required (ILR) system.

A character total level is calculated by:
  • Character total level + Race ECL (if any).
Normal Gear 
Dropped from creatures with CR 1 to CR 40):
  • ILR Based on Item Value (same as calculated in the Vanilla ILR), details here.
ATS Crafting Gear:
Craftable Items can ONLY be crafted, and won't be dropped by any creature or can't be found into any chest in the world.
  • ILR based on Item Value, as above, but only the 2/3 will be considered (which means that these items will have a lower ILR than a normal item of the same value).
Nordock Craft Items:
All Nordock Craft Items can be equipped from character level 30+.

Socketable Items:
Socketable Items ILR is based on the number of sockets occupied on the item, as described below:
  • Level required - 1 if empty
  • Level required - 15 with 1 socket
  • Level required - 20 with 2 sockets
  • Level required - 25 with 3 sockets
  • Level required - 30 with 4 sockets
  • Level required - 35 with 5 sockets
  • Level required - 40 with 6+ sockets
Sequencer Robes:
Sequencer Robes ILR is based on the number of spells the can store, as described below:
  • 1 Spell: Level required - 10
  • 2 Spells: Level required - 20
  • 3 Spells: Level required - 30