Welcome to "A Dawn of Heroes"

Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition - Persistent World

Based on the great world of Nordock , with a lot of customized content and tons of additions

We still use many vanilla rules as well as a whole lot of custom systems

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Full list of Rules in A Dawn of Heroes

Full list of Feats Changes

Full list of Spells Changes

All you need to know about our customized summon spells!

We have a custom Subrace System. There are 2 kind of subraces available, Free and Premium
To get a premium subrace, you need to purchase the tokens for it using some in-game Value. Read Premium Subraces section for more info!

List of Subraces that anyone can use, no requirements. Click to see the full list.

List of Premium Subraces, purchasable with in-game currency. Click for the full list and for more info on how to get them.

All you need to know about crafting can be found in this guide!

Basic guide for Beginners. How to survive and where to go!

A long list of working builds optimized for this realm. Check it out!

World Map

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Heya adventurers! This is a small summer patch which introduces 2 biggg fixes to the base game (a day zero crash with polymorph AND the long dreamed AOE bug fix) + a few items additions and areas rework! Check this out!

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The player persistent vault have been reviewed a little bit to reduce server load. Reviewed the way it gets auto-saved and introduced some limits. Check it out!

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Hello folks! It has been a while since last patch, but we are working harder than ever!While I am super busy building the new races system and the new spells system, here is a small revamping update about the Trondor Village and its surroundings!

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A fully new merchants system which will improve merchants performance and so the whole server performance. Check this out!

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Hello folks! This patch is about improvements, cleaning, fixing and adjustments + set bonus for ATS items and a few QoL improvements! Check this out!

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