Welcome to "A Dawn of Heroes"

Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition - Persistent Server

Nordock based module, with a lot of customized content and tons of additions!

We use vanilla rules with some adjustments in terms of balance.

Read down below for more info!

Changes from Vanilla NWN can be found in the links below.
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Full list of Rules in A Dawn of Heroes

Full list of Feats Changes

Full list of Spells Changes

All you need to know about our customized summon spells!

We have a custom Subrace System. There are 2 kind of subraces available, Free and Premium
To get a premium subrace, you need to purchase the tokens for it using some in-game Value. Read Premium Subraces section for more info!

List of Subraces that anyone can use, no requirements. Click to see the full list.

List of Premium Subraces, purchasable with in-game currency. Click for the full list and for more info on how to get them.

All you need to know about crafting can be found in this guide!

Basic guide for Beginners. How to survive and where to go!

A long list of working builds optimized for this realm. Check it out!

World Map

Click here to download the World Map with level ranges for each Area

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A brand new TEST area has been made with new testing grounds and the chance to test multiple creatures (even boss with mechanics), at once! Check this out

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Merry Xmas to the whole ADOH community! This patch introduces 3 new Mini Dungeons, more leveling areas in the range 10-15 and 20-25, PLUS a few adjustments overall, and specifically to the PVP. Check this out!

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Hello folks, this patch brings in a massive adjustment over the polymorph system (PT1 only! more to come..), plus a few spells and item sets adjustment, and a lot of fixes! Check it out.

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The new vault system is now live! Also the AOE system has been reworked, PP checks adjusted and the Polymorph system fixed! Check this out!

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