Welcome to "A Dawn of Heroes"

Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition - Persistent World

Based on the great world of Nordock , with a lot of customized content and tons of additions

We still use many vanilla rules as well as a whole lot of custom systems

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Full list of Rules in A Dawn of Heroes

We have a custom Race system which includes free races and premium races

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Full list of Spells Changes

All you need to know about our customized summon spells!

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Basic guide for Beginners. How to survive and where to go!

World Map

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New spell books storage options, new ranged weapon max ranges, new quest markers, new quick commands, more areas revamped, several new quests, player corpse system reworked, tons of fixes and adjustments. You must check this out!

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It is almost Xmas time! And with Xmas, some juicy events and presents are on the way too! Check out this patch and keep your eyes open for the incoming events!

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Fresh new icons for crafting materials, a new dynamite tier, un-polymoph death-bug fix, Mulrok Arena rename and consecration and a few other adjustments & fixes. Check this out!

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